Sunday, 23 July 2017

Filofax Cuban affair

I beieve that the filofax Cuban, is one of the most tactile organisers I have owned. The obvious padding, silky  smooth Italian leather and the rich colours equal a luxurious combination.

The Cuban was available in most sizes also zipped or strap closure in Personal & A5. A range of colours that included black, saddle brown, chili and ink, so there was a model for almost everyone.

This model wears well and does after some use fold almost flat, though I did give my chili some good old bending and manipulation before starting to use.

Some may note that my Chili Cuban is not as it's original colour and this is because I have died the exterior to tone down the brightness (I could not get hold of an Ink version at the time). It is now more of a maroon on the outside, however I left the interior as it was. This was done as I just felt that I wanted to make it a teeny bit more masculine (my opinion only) and I was pleased with the results as the contrasts are great. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Filofax Hamilton Zip personal

I came across this this afternoon in the box of many I have yet to use. It's a very practical organiser the Hamilton Zip and the leather is stunning. Still has all the original papers and the 2001 diary within.
I would have to slim the contents from my current Malden, as I suspect that it won't hold quite as much, therefore it may go back in the box.
Just thought I would post this as I have not come across this model too often.

Extra pen into a Malden

The photograph of my filofax Malden with a laminated flyleaf sheet, a piece cut out to provide a great location for an extra pen and also allows the Malden to be close easier, especially when it is as full as mine.

I made the flyleaf from some old maps, laminated and punched them.

The Malden is one of the filofax models that you can really pack with papers etc, though not recommended by the maker, but the rings on some filofax models seem to be better quality than some others and on the Malden they are good and tight.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lefax papers

The monthly view pages from a 1960 Lefax sales representatives kit. The month is upon the right hand page in landscape view, the left hand page being the rear of the previous month, is used for notes and comments.
I find these really great to use and have many examples of some interesting Lefax papers, of which are from a Lefax sales representatives kit for the years 1960 &1961. This includes eight sections with samples of almost every sheet that they produced. It even contains bankers cheque examples and sheets that promise to pay the bearer of, from the bank named. Too many to list but I will post some more soon.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

filofax Cross & filofax Classic personal organiser Pink, Blue, Chocolate, Natural, Black, Wine Red, Tomato

filofax Classic or Cross + ADDITIONAL PICTURES

The Cross model filofax was launched several years (circa 2004) and featured many derivatives, such as a purse, bag and and the usual sizes of organiser. After a few years the model name changed to the Classic, I say that it changed as I have not been able to see any much difference between the two.
The Italian leather organiser has been available in many colours over the years and thus appeals to both men and women. With plenty of storage and the ability to lay flat after a little use( I am referring to the personal size here), the Cross or Classic organiser is a practical choice. 
There is one negative point and that is the fact that many examples I have seen and owned, appear to crack where folded, whether it is at the back or the front. The cracking is like a glazing and is due to a coating that is upon the leather, which I am guessing lifts from the surface of the leather. This produces the white-ish cracking appearance which is more evident upon the darker colours.
I have a personal Classic in chocolate of which I have removed the coating using an aerosol shoe cleaner and much elbow grease, as well as a microfibre cloth. I believe that it is the solvents within the cleaner that has softened the coating and allowed me to remove the coating from the organiser. The result is a smooth non cracked leather Classic filofax that doesn't bug me now. I cannot recommend this as a form of treatment however, because some solvents or cleaners may differ and could cause permanent damage. The earlier Cross versions seem to suffer less, that could be just an observation of the few I have seen. Never the less this model does have great appeal and is good to hold and use, with some great colours.
Different colours were launched at doifferent times, therefore vary in availability and even a special edition was launched, named "ROSE" and featured a printed red rose with green stems upon a natural background. The Rose is quite sought after and a good condition personal size can fetch over £100.
Some pictures below from my collection.
Tan, Chocolate, Teal, Black, Natural, Pink in Personal size CROSS, plus Black and Wine Red in slimline CLASSIC                          
Personal size CROSS in baby pink 
Tomato Personal Cross

Sunday, 15 November 2015

filofax Lyndhurst deluxe leather review

The Lyndhurst is only available in black leather and in zip form only. The soft deluxe leather is durable and elegant with leather inside and out. Available in most sizes (Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5 & A4) using a zip fastener which has the benefit of keeping any contents secure and unlike some, this zipped filofax will lay flat after a little use (very practical).

The features for the Lyndhurst and are as you would expect, with card slots and a document sleeve internally, a single pen loop in most sizes (A5 & A4 have two) plus a useful external sleeve upon the front of the binder. The rings are standard size as it is a slimmer style zip binder compared with other zipped filofax models, the Finsbury, Durham, Guildford, Cuban and Holborn in Personal size all use the larger 30mm rings, consequently making them larger overall.
Filofax has produced the Lyndhurst for a number of years now, so you would think that plenty would be available on auction sites, however this is not the case. They are not rare but availability suggests that they are used and kept hold of, therefore the Lyndhurst remains a desirable and practical choice. 

Top to bottom - A5, A4 & Personal x2

Saturday, 6 December 2014

filofax Bridle Italian leather personal organiser

filofax Bridle Italian leather organiser.

The Bridle is a rare find, that said an as new A5 version was sold on an auction site, just last week. This leather binder is made with high quality hide, it exudes luxury and is sure to last for years. Available in Tan and Black, the leather does indeed feel and smell like a saddlery leather product. If you want an organiser binder to cope with a hard life, the Bridle should be on your list. No zips but plenty of storage sleeves. A strap and twin popper closure, to allow for extra filling. When closed it feels durable and of high quality, holding its contents securely. Will it lay flat? yes, well almost flat, as the thick leather doesn't want to loose its rigidity at first, but after some encouragement, use and some neatsfoot treatment, the leather softens enough to lay 99% flat with contents in.
Of course the only way to get your hands on one of these, is going to be from a previous owner and you may have to part with quite a few shiney pennies also. I have seen just two A5's (Tan) and a handful of Personal size, of which I own two (one of each colour). Is there a pocket version?
Now I have written that, there will be three on ebay next week, so keep a lookout.